Killiney Beach Group

The presence of marine litter in our oceans is a global concern that requires action. Adequate measures are needed to address the impacts of litter in the marine environment both at sea and on land whereby public awareness and community action plays a vital role.

The Killiney Beach Group organises beach clean-ups in partnership with Clean Coasts and local volunteers.  

About the beach

Killiney beach is a long, stony beach offering  excellent views of the surrounding rocky coastline including Dalkey Island and Sorrento Terrace to the north, and Bray Head to the south.  It is a sheltered location making it popular for walking or swimming with lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

There is also a large green area overlooking the beach which is a popular spot for picnics

​The beach has several access points. There is a small car park that can be reached via a tunnel under the railway line from Strathmore Road. A larger pay and display car park is located opposite the Dart station, where there are also toilet and recycling facilities.

The north end of Killiney beach offers the opportunity to examine the contact between a series of grey rocks and lighter coloured rocks.  The grey rocks were originally muds and sands from an ancient sea floor that were baked much later when the granite that makes up most of Killiney Hill and Dalkey Quarry was intruded as molten rock and crystallised to form the lighter coloured rocks.  To the south end of the beach much younger (and much less hard!) rocks are found.  These are glacial deposits, the legacy of the last Ice Age. Much of the many lumps of rock in these is locally derived – but there are some that have been transported by the flowing ice from as far away as Scotland.  Many of the rocks on the beach are washed out from these deposits, as time and tide continue the never-ending process of recycling the landscape.

How to do a 2-minute Beach clean

1. SNAP a picture of what you have collected

2. TAG the snap with the hashtag #2minutestreetclean

3. SHARE on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

4. Dispose of the waste you collected properly, recycle it or bin it!